3 Great Ways To Get Your Kid To Stop Picking Their Nose

Every parent hopes their child won’t be a nose picker. It is inevitable if you have multiple children that one will be obsessed with putting their finger in their nose. Even if you have a nose picker you still look at other kids that put their fingers in their nose and get disgusted.

There is a combination of reasons that kids pick their nose. It can start out that there is legitimately something up there. Allergies can create more mucus and therefore more crusting up there. Also, some kids are just curious what is up in their nose. Unfortunately it can easily become a subconscious habit. Then the nose picking becomes a habit and they just can’t stop.

Here are three great ways to stop your child from picking nose

1.Talk to your child about the problem

Explain that when they stick their fingers up their nose it can spread germs. Show them the gross screen of mobile screens. Another important issue is potential teasing. Some kids hate the thought of someone teasing them so we are on one of them about personal habits.

  1. Replace the habit

If this is a subconscious habit there are 2 great ways to help.

If your child understands that it is a bad habit and really wants to stop, place a bandage on the “favorite” finger. This will make your child aware when it subconsciously makes its way to their nose. It alerts your child that their finger isn’t where it is supposed to be.

Fidget toys are great for keeping hands busy when they would otherwise be making their way up to the nose.

  1. Options for what to do when there is legitimately something in their nose

We all have times when we need a tissue. Explain to your child that there are times that there is something that needs to get out of their nose. They should use a tissue. Plus, they can go to the bathroom and remove what is offending them in their nose. Be sure to wash hands.

Until you have a nose picker there is no way to understand how helpless you are as a parent to get them to stop. Just telling them doesn’t help. Using these one or all of these ideas can help.

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