50 Tips for Celebrating a Safe Tihar

Article By: Nagina Rana (Parent)

Tihar is the most widely celebrated festival in India, and people celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Tihar is also known as the festival of lights. This is a festival of spreading joy and happiness.

The excitement level is increasing, as this festival of lights is knocking the door this year very soon. New clothes, gifts, sweets, crackers are all about Tihar. Tihar was an exciting time when we were kids, the same for our little ones too because they get crackers, Fireworks, and gifts to celebrate the festival. But playing with fireworks requires a lot of safety otherwise this festival of happiness can convert into tragedy also.

While playing with crackers one should be attentive, so that nobodyis harmed. It is very important to play safe Tihar. It is necessary for parents to take safety precautions during Tihar, as kids get mischevious while burning crackers and if proper care is not taken, then this festival of happiness can turn their life into sadness.










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