How to Choose the Best Software for your Pre-School?

The importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable. No matter the size of your school, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you to produce the results the parents demand.Making the shift to a mobile app seems like an easy job, but deciding which app is a hard decision to make.

  • The software you choose is going to be in the hands of every teacher, every parent, every single day. It is time to do some research while choosing the app.
  • Your Pre-school’s reputation and the quality of your program depend on it.
  • Some of the major questions that need to be answered while choosing an app include:

Is it really going to save money?

How long will it take to implement?

How hard will it be to train staff and parents?

Is it safe to store information in the cloud?

Some of the features of the app that are needed to be considered are:



Questions to ask:

    • What are critical features?
    • What are nice-to-have features?
    • How often are new features added to the platform?
    • Do the features replace existing tools I’m using?
    • Is the company open to my feedback or feature requests?





Questions to ask:

  • How modern is the technology?
  • What are the hardware or device requirements?
  • Does it work with my existing tech or devices?
  • How often is the app updated?




Questions to ask:

    • How is my data backed up?
    • How is my info protected? And my families’?
    • Who has access to my data?


4)Ease of access

Questions to ask:

    • Is there a trial period?
    • Can I try before I buy?
    • How intuitive and user-friendly is the design?
    • How much time does it take to learn how to use?
    • How much time does it take to get up and running?


  5)Customer Support

Questions to ask:

    • How do I reach customer support? Phone, email, chat?
    • Are there training and support materials available?
    • Are there video tutorials?
    • Will the customer support team offer support to parents and families as well?



Questions to ask:

    • What do iTunes app store and Google Play store reviews say?
    • What do other schools and parents in my area say about this company?
    • Does the company have customer stories to share?
    • Can I speak to others in my area who have implemented it?



7)Price and Affordability:

Questions to ask:

    • How is the software priced? Per student? Per staff member? Per classroom?
    • How is app billed? Monthly? Annually? One-time payment?




The more work you put into this decision, the better the chance that you will choose and implement a high-quality software solution the parents and teachers deserve.


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