About Kopila

Kopila is a platform that connects parents with preschool teachers and administration. With the app, Preschools can easily update parents on their child’s daily activities, as well as critical administration such as notices, school calendar, homework assignments and more. By enabling communication and easing the administrative burden for teachers, Kopila creates more time for teachers to focus on childhood development and to ultimately make both children and parents happy.


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School Notice

Always get official school notices as we'll send it by SMS if you don't have data.


Parents can get daily pictures of their kids in action in pre-school.

Photo Album

Get your child's preschool memories in an album which will by cherished forever.


Teacher can easily update and notify parents on their child's daily homework in the smartphone.

Daily Class Schedule

Reinforce your child's learning by knowing what classes they had that day.

Digital Diary

Parent can feel better by knowing the sleep and eating activities of your child.

Digital Attendance

Teachers can easily register daily attendance quickly and easily, saving school administration 1 hours of work daily.


Never miss events - the school year calendar in the app will remind you of the school's yearly activities.


Learn from our users

Komal Shakya
"My parents are obsessed with Kopila... It's addictive. It has been a big selling point for my program."
— Komal Shakya
Principal, Little Scholars & Day Care
Aniruddha Chettri
"Thank You so much for creating such a wonderful the product not only enables me to do my job easier and faster than I would otherwise but also WOWS my parents at every turn."
— Aniruddha Chettri
Principal-Teacher, Maria Montessori House
Shradha Maskey
"Kopila is GREAT. This app has helped me become even closer to my child. Now, I can know his daily activity at school"
— Shradha Maskey
Parent, Little Souls Pre-School

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