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About Kopila

Kopila is a platform that connects parents with preschool teachers and administration. With the app, Preschools can easily update parents on their child’s daily activities, as well as critical administration such as notices, school calendar, homework assignments and more. By enabling communication and easing the administrative burden for teachers, Kopila creates more time for teachers to focus on childhood development and to ultimately make both children and parents happy.

Save Money

Save up to 30% of yearly expenses. With no installation cost and paper cost. Work effectively from any devices.

Save Time

Save up to 1 hour per day per teacher’s time. Invest more time monitoring and taking care of children.

Satisfied Parents

100% of parents are more satisfied with their school experience once Kopila is implemented.


Kopila is a complete one-stop solution for preschool, parents and teachers.

Secured Communication

Simple, secure, reliable messaging

Monitor Growth

Easily keep track of every activity submitted by the child that helps to maintain their portfolio

Daily Updates

Update parents and guardians daily with photos, homework of their child

Smart Management

Billing, communication & management: Do it in a smarter way with Kopila

Digital Record

Keep track of student’s attendance from any devices that ultimately reduce the paper cost


We are more concerned about children. So, we use the latest method and technologies for keeping your children’s information protected

Our happy clients

100+ Preschools who trust us and love us

Preschool Testimonials

Read what preschool principal and teachers are saying.

Jeena RanaFounder, IPPS

My parents are obessed with kopila... It's addictive. It has been a selling point for my program.

Aniruddha ChettriPrincipal, Maria Montessori House

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product not only enables me to do my work easier and faster than i would otherwise but also WOWS my parent at every turn.

Sanjeeta BasnetFounder and Principal, Navodeep Preschool

Kopila team has studied the field of preschool very well. That is why teaher's workload has decreased significatly. Parents are very excited to get daily updates on app. Parents are thankful of Kopila and we love it too!

Lilisha ThapaTeacher, Heimric Preschool

As a teacher, it has been a life saver. Kopila allows me to quickly complete my children's evaluation. Saves me a ton of time which enables me to look after my children.

Parents Testimonials

Our parents love Kopila

Looks like watching child by the third eye.

Reena ShahStar Kids Preschool

My family loves kopila, I feel more connected with my child because of Kopila.

Padmakshi RanaKiddie Clouds

It's quite handy, knowing about kids' activity in school.

Pravin TamangRoyal Kinder Castle

Easy to use and we track our children's daily activity also. I can easily communicate with teachers and get to know about my child.

Pramita BasnetMukul Kindergarten

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