Kopila Preschool Conference: Sustainability in Pre-Schools

The 2019 Kopila Preschool Conference includes talks on numerous topics and had a post event networking session with tea, coffee and cookies. The topics of the discussion were preschool curriculums, governmental rules, sustainability, child development and HR related topics such as making an organization’s HR strong, managing employees with proper paper works and such.

The event kicked off like any other, with panelists and guests starting to arrive on time and registering their names on the registration table. The guests started getting along pretty nice with nice chat, laughs and smiles. The panel discussion began at the right time. The members of the panel were introduced to the guests followed by a brief view of their own on our event’s topic.

Two of our panelists, Mrs. Pushpa Rijal (Principal, City Montessori, board member of NMA) and Mrs. Neeta Shrestha (Principal, Nawaneet Toddlers’ Zone) with a combined experience of 30 years, presented the guests with their experience of running their own preschools smoothly, the obstacles and hurdles they faced on their journey, preschool curriculums and the current situation of preschools in the valley.

Mr. Badri Prasad Dahal (Director, APEN Association), our other panelists, presented the guests with his views on current preschool situation, politics and governmental rules involved with preschools and how the curriculums and being prepared for each classes.

Our final panelist, Mr. Rajiv Sharma (Director, HR Expert, Job Dynamics), presented the guests with his own experience of establishing a renowned organization of his own, the hurdles and obstacles he faced along the way regarding keeping his employees happy, his take on management of preschools and finally tips to manage preschool’s HR in such a way that keeps both the preschool and the teachers happy.


After the views from the panelists was time for discussion with the guests. The most common issue that shone among the rest was revolved among HR. The teachers leaving quickly and in short space of time, the teachers not giving their best at work, documenting process, salary talk and other various factors. Also other questions were about sustainability, the gap between preschools and schools, which leads to competition among the preschools.

Mr. Rajiv Sharma addressed the HR related questions with his views on how to make HR stronger, how the preschools can retain their teachers with proper paper works on the hiring process, how not fulfilling the terms in the paper works can affect their enthusiasm and how not providing proper salary and security can hamper their motivation to work in the preschool. It is also good and effective to revise salary and clauses in the contract from time to time, as it will drive them to strive even further.

Mrs. Pushpa Rijal and Mrs. Neeta Shrestha also stepped in and shared their experience with dealing with preschool teachers. The average rate of teachers leaving their preschool over the past 10-15 years is 8%. This is a good number considering the amount of time they have run the preschool. Fulfilling what was in the papers on the hiring process has got them these results. Along with our experienced principals, Mr. Badri Prasad Dahal answered the questions related to gap between preschools and schools and sustainability.

After the end of panel discussion was time for presentation of Kopila followed by the distribution of token of love to our expert panelists.

Following the end of panel discussion, the guests along with our panelists headed for networking session with tea, coffee and cookies. The guests were talking to each other here and also chatting with the panelists. The panelists gave their opinions to individual questions. The networking session also saw preschools speaking with the members of Kopila for potentially launching the product in their preschool.

The first-ever Kopila Preschool Conference panel discussion event on the topic “Sustainability in Pre-Schools: Managing resources and relations to thrive in a competitive market” held on September 12, 2019 brought together preschool principals, founders, directors and teachers from different preschools around the valley to discuss on the most common issues currently. The event was held at Nepal Communitere, Pulchowk. We would like to thank Nepal Communitere very much for providing us with a space for our panel discussion and their continuous support in our journey throughout. The response and turnout of our guests were immaculate with them interacting with each other and everything. The questions raised by our guests were excellent and we hope our guests left the event having their questions answered, their voices heard and some new information gained. As this was our first time organizing an event, we were very excited to see more than 20 preschools present in the event.


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