Someday our children will receive the keys to the planet and will have to take care of it. We must therefore stop the next generation from making the same mistakes that we have made and educate them to build a better, more sustainable world. Teaching children how to recycle at an early age is essential for acquiring this habit and practicing it throughout their lives. Both at home and school, recycling activities can be developed for children through games, songs, and handicraft projects that make it easier and more fun to learn about waste management. To promote the art of waste management, Kopila in collaboration with Clean up Nepal has organized a waste to DIY craft contest for preschoolers.

Who can participate?

The pre-school students all over from Nepal can participate in this DIY craft contest to enroll their skills to find something new which also will have a positive impact on their creativity and their performance.

How to participate?

Creativity is all around us. Children need to pick waste material available around the home and perform a creative craft and send us via the form. The waste recycles activities can be such as making a butterfly for paper roll, using a discard plastic bottle to make a flower vase, and more. Here is a few pointers when submitting the activities.

  1. One child can only make one craft. Parents can also get involved while making the craft.
  2. The participants can upload a maximum of 5(five) images related to the craft.
  3. The participants can upload a maximum of 3(three) minutes video explaining the craft or a short video of a child making the craft.
  4. There is no time limitation for the participants for making crafts.
Examples of Waste to DIY Craft activities from Kopila Few more recycle activities examples from And a few more resources from pinterest

Participate and grab the gift worth up to Rs. 8,000.

We encourage the participants of our young ones, guaranteeing the reward up to Rs. 5000 to every participant. However, the contest will also reward one participant for each category (LKG, UKG, and Nursery) who will be awarded an exciting gift hampers from our sponsors, Fun Station.

Get to know the event sponsors and judges:

  • Fun station: Online shopping to buy toys & baby products in Nepal. Fun station offers the best brands like LEGO, Fisher-Price, Barbie, Hot Wheels, RASTAR in Nepal. The winners of this competition will receive exciting gift toys from Fun Station.
  • Orange Ball Private Ltd: Orange ball is the market leader in cleaning sanitation and disinfection services. The participants will receive a 20% discount on all of the company's services.
  • Doctor on Call: The home-based care services and digital health care services will provide a 20% discount to all the participants.
  • Karkhana: They are the education company doing wonder in the field of STEM education throughout Nepal. All the participants will be rewarded a 20% discount on Karkhana kids' books and other educational materials.
  • Saab Organic: The company provides 100% organic products for your kitchen. All the participants will be rewarded a 15% discount on their products.
  • Dochaa: A Nepali brand shoes made by local artisans. Dochaa will also provide a 20% discount coupon to all participants.

Contest Judges:

  • Clean up Nepal: Clean up Nepal is a for-purpose, non-governmental organization that sustainable growth of society. Clean up Nepal will be one of the judges in the contest. 
  • NEMA Education Foundation: NEMA is working actively to improve education in early childhood development. They will serve as one of the judges in the contest.

Our Sponsors