Check assignments send by parents

Teacher will receive the notification as soon as parents send the assignment of the child.

After you recieve the notification.

Step 1: You can tap the notification or tap the respective card on the feed page.

Step 2: You will go to details of homework where you will see the photo/video of a child send by respective parent on the respective homework.

Step 3: Click on images/Videos and thoroughly verify the homework.

Step 4: Click on Discussion on the bottom

Step 5: To send homework remark, Add a comment and post as remarks.

Why is it necessary for teachers to post comments as remarks?>>>>>One of the most important features of Kopila is it helps store individual portfolios of students. When teacher posts their comment as Remarks in the submitted assignment. The assignment along with the remark will be stored in the portfolio which will help the teacher evaluate a clear report of student’s growth.

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