Send Notice to the whole school

Step 1: Click ‘Send Notice’ on Dashboard.

Step 2: Type Notice Title.

Step 3: Type Notice Description. In notice description section, you can write long paragraph notice (no limit).

Step 4: Type SMS format. Here you should type a short notice not more than 320 characters.

Step 5: Select Priority. Select ‘App Notifications only’ if you want notice to be delivered only in the app.

Step 6: Click Next

Step 7: After click Next, you will be led to the next section ‘Select Student. To send Notice to all the student, click on Select all Students

Step 8: Click Next

Step 9: Clicking Next will lead you to the final section ‘Confirm and Send’. Here, you will review the details of the notice that will be sent to parents. If everything checks out, Click Send

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