Even in an increasingly cyber-driven world, many Pre-schools are still heavily reliant on providing assignments/homework physically. As more and more students have computer access at schools and in homes as well, educators can now send/smartly receive homework. This can help minimize the amount of time and energy exerted by the teachers. This also helps to minimize the waste of resources of the schools. 

Does Online Homework Have an Impact on Your Child's Development?

Transitioning manually sharing of homework online helps the preschools and the children in numerous ways. During the time of the pandemic, many pre-schools have already opted in using various online platforms for homework.

Researchers have shown that switching to a paperless model for sharing homework results in a better completion rate, and also helps in the increase of child’s performance. Thus, updating your preschools can increase the effectiveness of a child’s development.

Why Use Kopila Homework?

“Keep track of your child’s development with Kopila”

Due to the current unprecedented events, the majority of educational institutions are updating homework electronically using various social media platforms. If you are among such institutions you may be facing problems in analyzing the progress of children. Analyzing these scenarios we here at Kopila have launched our brand new feature “Kopila Homework”.

Here in Kopila, we believe learning must never stop. Kopila now easily tracks the progress of your child. Now send and check homework with just a click of a button. Kopila makes sharing homework easier and more effective. Each parent is notified every time a set of homework is assigned.  

Learn How To use Kopila Homework

“Share homework’s with a push of a button”

Kopila’s newest edition of the feature “Kopila Homework” provides one of the easiest ways to send and submit assignments. With Kopila Homework teachers can easily interact with parents and also keep track of the child’s development.

Both teachers and parents can easily use this feature at their convenience.

How can teachers send, receive and check homework?

How can parents share homework with teachers?

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