In recent days, Kopila App went through some changes along with the bug fixes. The newest version of the Kopila App now has some new features like the billing feature, homework feature, and the zoom classroom feature. Likewise, the bugs such as problems in sending videos, unable to extend the zoom classroom have also been solved.

Similarly, the admin can send the homework to the students from the Kopila frontend too. So let’s know what these features are about.

New Features

Billing Feature

Billing: Now the billing of the preschool can be done through the app. When the preschool prepares the bill and sends it to the parents, it can be viewed in the app. The bills for a particular month can be paid through Khalti that has been used as the payment system.

Transaction Also the transactions made during the payment can be seen.

Improved Homework Feature

Kopila App now has distinct homework features. 

Homeworks send and receive: Teachers can now send the homeworks and check those homeworks through Kopila itself. 

Remarks: The teachers can give remarks about every homeworks that parents send. Remarks with homework will be stored in each child’s portfolio.

Send homework from the Website: Moreover, the admin can also send the homework from the Kopila frontend.

Zoom Classroom 

Create Classroom: The “Create Classroom” feature has its own significance for online learning platforms. The teachers are able to create a zoom class and have the online learning experience in this situation of pandemic. The classes can be run smoothly without any disturbances. 

Extend Class: Also the classes can be extended as per the need of the teachers.

Delete Class: Teachers can now delete the unwanted classes after creating.

Bug Fixes

It’s always not possible to increase the credibility of the app through new features. That’s where the role of fixing bugs and available problems in the app is necessary.  

Recently the Kopila app went through the same. The existing bugs and problems in the app were solved in order to maintain its standard.

Send Video in Moment: In the previous version of the app, there was a problem in sending videos. The app used to crash whenever the user wanted to send the video. But now it has been solved.The user can send videos without any problem and the maximum length of it is 60 seconds. 

Extend Classroom: Similarly, the classroom can be extended as per the needs of the teacher. Before, the teachers had to create a new class in order to continue teaching after the completion of a 40 minutes class. But now they can extend the same ongoing class for as long as they need.

With these new features and bug fixes, the Kopila App has really been efficient in being able to connect the Preschool administration and teacher with the parents and their children in these circumstances too. And we hope that Kopila will leave no chances to amaze us with such new features in the days to come.


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