Kopila App is one of the best and systematic platforms to send work/activities to students. Preschool can show the shreds of evidence when necessary about the work/activities provided to the children that helped them in different areas of development.

Bina SharmaPrincipal, Milestone Preschool
School Name

Milestone Preschool


Bhaisipati, Lalitpur


How has Kopila helped your preschool with distance learning?

“I want to thank the Kopila App team for their dedication towards the education sector and the quality of service of their product i.e. prompt response to our queries/issues/problems.”- Bina Sharma (Principal, Milestone Preschool),

Before using the Kopila App, we used WhatsApp. We used to send messages, homework through the WhatsApp group. We used to print a notice regarding daily reports and send it to the parents to address any information as phone calls are not reliable i.e. many of them may not receive the phone call due to their busy schedules.

It has provided us the platform for communication from where teachers can send daily work/activities to the children. They are involved in the discussion if they have any confusion or difficulty in the exercises posted by the teachers. They also sent us back the thanks note for the remarks that we had given to the children. It is very time-consuming to call all the parents and convey important information from the school. It has helped us by making communication easier by sending school important information with the help of the “notice” feature that is received by all the parents in their devices.

We have been communicating with the parents in an asynchronous way only. It has been the best platform for communication. Many preschools are sending work/activities by using WhatsApp/Viber/Messenger group that is a bit messy/unorganized. It is too difficult to find out whose parents have sent the work/activities in the WhatsApp/Viber/Messenger group for that we have to scroll the whole day. In my viewpoint, preschool should have the shreds of evidence of the works/activities sent to the children. It has helped us to maintain the portfolio of children by saving the work/activities received from the parents.

In the beginning, it was too difficult for them to manage their children in doing the work/activities sent by teachers. The children used to hesitate while doing work/activities. Now the children are excited and ask their parents about the feedback/remarks posted by their teachers.

The most used features of the app are:

  • Sharing Moments/Activities
  • Notice
  • Browse Section
  • Remarks

Sharing Moments/Activities is a distinct feature to send and receive the work/activities that ultimately help us to maintain the portfolio of the child.

We can demonstrate parents about the work/activities content with the help of the app. Sometime teachers may not be active to do face to face teaching. The app has made it easier for us to send the offline video along with a link for the learning material to the child. The child can view the offline learning material along with the teacher’s instruction as well. It is one of the most-used apps during the lockdown period.

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